Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is the fastest mobile browser? (HTML5 Canvas benchmark)

Following our previous tests on the stock browsers engines on Android and iOS in two different blog posts here and here . We are using our benchmark to see the performance difference between different mobile browsers available out there.

To do that we are using HTML5 Canvas rendering performance as the basis for our comparison. The JavaScript code is a simple web page with big Canvas that is used to render 100 particles with a deterministic complex pattern of movement. We then measure the numbers of Frames per Second(FPS) and use it and the performance number. You can try out the page from here on your phone and let us know the result.

We used pure HTML5 Canvas to develop the test and no frameworks or strange tricks (such as pre-rendering). The purpose of the tests is to find out the difference between different web browser implementations of the HTML5 canvas.

Here is a table showing the results of our tests:

Android and iOS browsers' HTML5 Canvas performance comaprison

You can see that chrome is coming to rescue android as we mentioned in our previous post, and Apple has done a very good job of improving the performance of Mobile Safari from iOS 4 to iOS 5. Another interesting result here is the performance of stock android browser, which increases from Android 2.2 to Android 3.0 but drops in Android 4.0.1.

Comparison between different mobile browsers' performance in HTML5 Canvas

I personally like Android browsers simplicity and used it on my old Android phone, but is seems that even the people at google have given up on developing that browser and are focusing on Chrome for Android. Well, it kind of makes sense they will be able to share a huge amount of code between their platforms, and also this model is working pretty well for Apple why not follow that.

I should mention again that you can easily get to the test page and post your results here or on Twitter to @MoSync. We will gather all of the information and post a final statistical result as well.


  1. Hi, I'm Luiz Augusto from Brazil, and i'm writing an article about mobile browser benchmarking, and I'm curious with something.
    Which tools did you use to come in this results??

  2. If by tools you mean data collection, it was mostly manual, but we used a page above as our benchmark the link is available in the post.

  3. Hi, have you heard about requestFrame method? I think if browser supports it then it must be used for correct benchmarking results.

  4. There is a new HTML5 Canvas Benchmarking tool you may be interested in here: